Age of Aquarius

 The year 2020 was difficult for all of us - but now it's over. Regardless of the type of agenda the world's politicians are fighting for (looks like a dictatorship), we are now entering the Age of Aquarius and it happened on the 21st of December 2020. Until that day, two heavy planets were placed in Capricorn which is a heavy sign in itself - which certainly suited politicians. But now something is happening - but it will not suit everyone and this may also be the reason why you are in such a hurry to come out with a poorly tested vaccine. Aquarius is the free thinker, the genius of the zodiac. The fact that two important planets are now entering this sign will mean both a new energy for people around the world and a mental awakening. One can understand that this frightens the world self-proclaimed "elite". And no matter how much they try to control the course of events, they can not win over the influence of the planets. It is as it is written in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, "As in heaven, so also on earth." So we have every reason to feel hope.

 Never before has it been so clear that world leaders do not have the best of humanity in mind. They think of themselves. For a large part of humanity, the underlying driving forces of malicious politicians are beginning to emerge in an increasingly clear light. We are fighting a spiritual battle. It is dark forces that drive politicians. If you are not under the influence of the Holy Spirit - then you are controlled by another spirit. It is heard on the word; The Holy Spirit - definite form singularis, there is only ONE Holy Spirit and this is not driven by the self-appointed "elite" - Mammon is their "god".

 It may seem that they have a hard grip on humanity but it is only on the surface - in fact, our politicians and mammon's self-proclaimed "nobility" - are desperate and it is this desperation we are witnessing. One of their weapons is the vaccine and there is every reason to suspect that this was developed not out of concern for humans but on the contrary to stun humans for the influence of Aquarius. However, some are beyond rescue. While the self-proclaimed "elite" consists of narcissists and psychopaths, there is also that type of individual at the grassroots level; petty narcissists, sadists and psychopaths. They are control freaks and they absolutely love pandemics, which gives them control over the outside world where everyone has to distance themselves socially. We all know of cases of narcissists who have had children and people isolated for years; Fritzl in Germany is just one example. NOW the pandemic is handling this isolated from humanity - and the little popes are very happy.

 Of psychopaths among the "elite", many of them are very old and will die within a few years - and since they are sadists, they want to crush as much as possible of the world and humanity before they themselves go to hell, because that is where they're on their way, and they know it. Occultism is very common in the self-proclaimed elite and has been for thousands of years - and they abhor not only God but also men and all the beauty of the world, even creation itself. But - do not be afraid. Now we have Heaven on our side. That the planets affect humans is completely natural. For example, the Moon's fluctuations affect large masses of sea to ebb and flow and it would be absurd to claim that man would be unaffected by these planetary influences. So now we have the plants in the sign of Aquarius. It will mean the liberation of humanity on all levels. Not everyone will like this, so to speak; neither petty popes nor sadists in politics and business will appreciate the loss of control.

Wait and see - we are only at the beginning of Aquarius' age yet and purely astrologically it will be a weight on the sign for the next 48 years. The government of narcissists and psychopaths is over and we will see more and more political scandals and revelations about what went on behind the scenes in the future - and it is likely that the world will look completely different within a couple of years. And it will be positive, unless you are a little pope or a big narcissist.

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