You are more than Your sun sign

Astrology has been used for predictions of the future but also to bring clarity to personal development.

For the uninitiated, it may be good to explain that you are far more than the star sign you were born in - and therefore a personal horoscope can be helpful in personal development.

Your zodiac sign consists of the sign that the sun stood in at the time of your birth, but other planets that have influence over who you are as a person are the Moon who controls emotions and your feminine side, Mercury that stands for your way of communicating, Venus showing how they give and take in relationships and love, Mars that talks about your masculine characteristics, your more aggressive expressions. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are additional planets that have an influence on your character.

The planets in your horoscope can collaborate or counteract each other depending on their location in your horoscope. Looking at your horoscope can give you guidance on self-abusing and other ways that you destroy for yourself on an unconscious level. Through the horoscope, you can also see which talents you can develop.

The planets are located in one of the 12 sun signs and are expressed in different ways depending on the location.

Depending on what time you were born, the planets will also be located in different houses - it is the embankment of the areas of life where the planets are expressed and the houses can tell more about how your life will look, in which area of ​​life the planets come best expressed. for you personally - and within which area you may encounter problems.

It is my job as an astrologer to give you a map and compass through life - your horoscope.

In a way, the astrologer is a psychologist with a map in hand.

Many great personalities have turned to astrologers to find out about existence; Napoleon Bonaparte is one and Nancy Reagan another well-known person who regularly consulted an astrologer.

Call your astrologer for guidance and advice on the future.


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