Astrology, an ancient science

Astrology is an empirical science with ancient traditions. Empirical means that it is a science based on experience. Thus, astrology is one of the oldest sciences available.

Astrology is practiced worldwide and there are, for example, Chinese astrology, Indian astrology and so on. The astrology used in the West is taken from the old orient.

The three wise men were astrologers and followed a star at the time of Jesus' birth. Actually, it was not a star but conjunction consisting of two planets that clearly indicated the place where the Messiah was to be born - and the three wise men, the astrologers, traveled far to get to the place where Jesus was born. Their experience told them that the conjunction was a sign that a very special person would be born.

The strange thing was that when they asked the Jewish priests where the Messiah was to be born, they replied "Bethlehem" because that was what the professions predicted - but the Jewish priests never went to the place where the planetary conjunction indicated that something very great would happen. They stayed at home. This indicates that they did not believe in the prophecies - and perhaps even more interested in the power that the priesthood brought with them than by the God they claimed to serve.

I am both a believer, an astrologer, and a realist and I can guide you spiritually from multiple levels and perspectives. 

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