Astrological consultation

Now you have the opportunity to call me and get your horoscope set.

It is good if you know the exact time of your birth moment to get such an accurate and detailed consultation as possible. If you do not know the exact time, the horoscope will also be approximate.

You can ask questions about times in the future and I can see exactly how the planets stand and predict the approximate course of events for the event in question.

Having a personal horoscope posed can also be helpful when you are struggling with your personal development and want to develop as a human being. I can see what challenges you have in your personality, in what ways you sabotage for yourself and what it may be good to know in order to move on.
One usually says that a horoscope is like having a map and compass in existence - and I can provide with this.

Call the astrologer

Your astrologer, Deborah


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