Your inner being and the Image of You

 Midheaven, MC,  is an interesting phenomenon in Astrology. MC tells about the image you have of yourself,  of who you think you are.

When it comes to personality and personal development as this is the most interesting aspect to look at in a horoscope.

It seems according to astrology as the conflict between ideals and reality is innate.

As an astrologer is customary to say that a horoscope is like a map of the psyche.

By studying the MC has got a compass and you can pilot their way to the truth about his real self, his real needs and opportunities.

Wisdom teachings always said: "Know yourself"

Jesus said that "Heaven is in the heart."

The "Ten Commandments" says that you should not make images of God - the Holy Bible also says  that we are created in the image of God. Complicated maybe but Jesus says at some point that "He who maintains his life will lose it, but the one who abandons his life for Jesus sake - will find life," Jesus describes himself as; "Way, the Truth and the Life" to get to know his true self, beyond the images, illusions and ideals, then, is to know God.

When you get stuck in the image of yourself and the desired ideals - you lose Yourself in the illusion - as an image, a desire, is nothing more than just an image, nothing real. Sooner or later, the picture will fade and man perish, because the image and the desired ideals never been real.
They are desires, doomed to perish when it turns out that the real self can not achieve the desired ideals.

While the person lives on the surface, the desired image, the true identity is neglected. The real self is kept isolated and instead of developing self-awareness and nurture their true potential - the inner man fades. As well as the Image.

The person who lives for the false image of himself neglects his effeminate me - and when the image, the unattainable the illusion of the desired ego fade away - so does the real self is because this neglected, isolated and forced into silence.

The entire personality is therefore doomed if we stifle their true self and live for what you want or think you are - the ideal image.

Often people get their inspiration for the ideal image from celebrities - ie Idols that means just idols, images. These encouraging people to become fixed on idols and wishful thinking because a person who does not get to know themselves and love their true self will become a consumer and that is exactly what the world wants.

They will never question the patterns of consumption, they are trapped in. They will never be happy with themselves as they are, but will try to buy their way to happiness and fulfillment.

This is the market forces ideal man - a person who lives for an unattainable ideal is reduced to a consumer, a source of market forces.

A person who does not know himself can be equated with a person who is spiritually dead.

A person who discovers this will be re-born and get in touch with their true self,  who is created in God's image.

However, this spiritual awakening, this re-birth, require spiritual guidance as false ideas and guesses can lead to new idols; Narcissism and Egocentration.

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