Pluto - Friend or Enemy?

The influences of Pluto are known to be scary since Pluto breaks down to build something new. Of course, this could be scary - but does it have to be a negative influence?
No! Depends on the placement in the horoscope of course. But I have recent proof of Pluto's positive side.
Pluto crossing the second house, the house of the economy. Changes. Revolutionary changes. "Behold, the old is gone and something new is arising" as the Bible quote tells.
If the economy has been good and working out well the ruin of it all might be of a negative kind, breaking down the old ways of money flow. The same is true the other way around which I recently have witnessed.
If You have been living in poverty, struggling each month to make life work out and Pluto is passing over the 2th House, house of economy, things will change radically in the economy. You will get a job, an inheritance, lottery money or something that will make You see the money flowing IN  like never before. A positive revolution indeed.
This doesn´t happen to everyone. Pluto is a very slow planet and might pass only three different signs during a lifetime and might not involve House two at all and then there are no revolutionary changes in that area of life.

So, is Pluto a friend or an enemy? Hard to say but when Pluto is moving in Your life You are in for a ride that's for sure.

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