Planets influence on daily life.

Is it possible that it is written about people and their lives in the stars?
Yes, much is hidden from us but a purely physical fact is that the planets have influence over what happens on earth. One of the clearest evidence of this is the fact that the moon affects the vast sea of ebb and flow. To say that we humans - who are made ​​up of water to 75% - would be unaffected by the moon's influence would be about of megalomania :) We are strongly influenced by the moon and some people more than others. For example, the English word "lunatic" from the word "Luna" which means "moon" in Latin as the English word "lunatic" really means "Moon maniac".
Violent crime tends to increase at the full moon, a phenomenon that can be studied by following police crime statistics.
One of the most famous "Moon lunatics" was the notorious killer Jack the Ripper, which raged in London in the late 1800s, when he performed bestial murders of prostitutes. He carried out these murders at the full moon.

Others become calmer and more stable at the full moon. An example is a person born in the sign Libra but got the Moon placed in Taurus. A person with the constellation can experience far more stable and balanced at full moon when Taurus calming, steady influence is strengthened.

That was the influence of the Moon but then there are the influence of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as well.

Call me and I'll tell you how the planets affect you and your life.

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