Are there contradictions between faith in God and Astrology?

In 1981, I became saved and a born again Christian, 13 years old. I began to study the Bible in parallel with my interest in astrology. I found many points of connection between biblical texts and astrology. it has not been conflict-free to be a Godfearing astrologer since many religious people are afraid of things they do not understand. Many of the religious people consider astrology as something occult that runs counter to religious practice. But I do not see the point. the word occult means "hidden" and indeed it is a truth in that astrology is not a science that opens up for everyone like an open book, but astrology is mysterious in nature and so is God. Neither the Bible's texts are accessible to all and therefore is not available to everyone but elusive and mysterious. Many of the biblical writings are parables and images to appeal to the spiritual in the human being and awaken the spirit to live. Scriptures are shrouded in mystery and opening up gradually to the reader. Many religious people throughout the ages have been mystics who study the "hidden" God.
I have come to find that this connection between astrology and faith has opened a new dimension of God and a new source of spiritual development for me personally.

In order not to annoy believers of all times, I have tried to distance myself from astrology but throughout my spiritual studies and spiritual development, I constantly find reasons to return to the empirical science of astrology.
The three Wise men described in the Bible and the Christian tradition was astrologers!
The famous astrologer Nostradamus was also deeply faithful to God.
Bible texts show that astrologers had greater faith in God and the prophetic predictions than the religious had because it was astrologers and not the priests who were there, with God, at the birth of Jesus.

In other words, I, as a Godfearing Astrologer is in good company.

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